October is Family History Month

Posting of an email Announcement from National Genealogical Society (NGS):

There is Still Time for Your Organization to Celebrate Family History Month

We are still celebrating Family History Month—there are two more weeks in October for your organization to get more people engaged in discovering their past. If you’ve not done so yet, get the PDFs and images from NGS designed to support you in helping individuals explore, preserve, and share their family’s unique history.

NGS created PDF resources with steps and ideas to make three common projects manageable and successful. Use them yourself and with your organization (feel free to add your logo to the top right corner), and share the Family History Month page to inspire new and current members or patrons. Download:

People are curious about their roots. Invite them into the genealogy and family history community by showing them how to scan old photos, record family members’ memories, or write stories from their family’s legacy. To make outreach easier, we have images on our site you can post on social media with #FamilyHistoryMonth and the link to ngsgenealogy.org/family-history-month.

Consider hosting sessions using our new PDFs and ensure people have the skills and tools to capture family memories. Or begin to plan a Family Matters event and see if there’s a Family Matters event near you in the next couple of weeks.

Share the joy of finding and preserving family history. And let NGS know how your organization celebrates this month!

NGA (National Genealogy Society)

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