Other Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of other genealogical volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to you.

FindaGrave.com / BillionGraves.com

If you live near one or more cemeteries that may not have been recorded on FindaGrave.com or BillionGraves.com yet, you can help fellow genealogists by taking pictures of the graves and entering the grave photo and its information into these websites for others to find and view.

The U.S. Genweb Project

The U.S. Genweb Project is a free website that collects genealogical documents from around the world and places them in their respective state and county. They depend on members to add to the collection using their own document donations.  Consider donating some of your own rare documents, or volunteer to administer one of the “orphan” counties, a county without an administrator.

Contribute to DeadFred.com

DeadFred.com is a website where people contribute photographs of their ancestors. It’s a great resource for people looking for pictures of ancestors whose faces they may never have seen.

Transcribe Old Documents

In researching family history records, you will often come across handwritten documents in ancient handwriting. You can transcribe these hard-to-read writings and put the transcriptions online, making them available to other genealogists.

  • FamilySearch Volunteer: You can volunteer at FamilySearch in a number of ways; even if you have limited hours to spare. 
  • FamilySearch Indexing: Volunteer at FamilySearch organization to index genealogical records from around the world.  The record images are typically posted online and you are given instructions on how to index them for all researchers to see. 


Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness: Help search for those who do not have access to records near you.

Unclaimed Persons: Assist regional and county medical examiners across the country in finding the nearest living relative of a deceased person. Your online genealogy sleuthing skills could help bring closure to a loved one of the deceased.