Bio – Jeane Berry

Jeane Barry, GenealogistJeane Berry is a former educator who has been working on her family genealogy for over thirty years. She was inspired by her grandfather, an engineer, who gave copies of his impressive genealogy work to each of his children a few years before he died in the 1960s.  Jeane was inspired to expand his work and to prove the pedigree he presented.  In the last 10 years, she has been exploring the world of DNA for genealogy. She has had her DNA and some of her family’s  DNA tested with all the major DNA testing companies, including Ancestry, 23 & Me, Family Tree Maker, and Living DNA.  She is experienced with autosomal results as well as mitochondrial and Y-DNA results. She started off skeptically, wondering why in the world would anyone want to deal with living test-taker cousins.  After all, wasn’t genealogy all about our mostly deceased ancestors?  However, she has learned the joy and connection that comes with exploring DNA matches.  She enjoys talking to people eager to understand their DNA results and has been presenting on the topic for the last seven years to various genealogy groups for the past seven years, both in California and in Colorado.