MyHeritage suggests the Reimagine App

MyHeritage just came out with a Reimagine app. It was developed by MyHeritage, and utilizes AI to restore and animate old photos, offering a glimpse into the past. Users can restore old photos packed away in boxes and forgotten. The app claims impressive capabilities, such as restoring color, image enhancement, and even the creation of animated images. It will allow you to scan entire pages from physical photo albums. The AI algorithms then identify and isolate individual faces, separating them from the page and saving them as separate images.

I just tried it and was amazed how quickly it could separate photos on an old album I had. Reading reviews, there is a monthly or yearly fee, $50/year, or $8/month. It is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. I was so impressed I had to share this information. I think it will really be helpful in digitizing my old albums.

Reimagine App

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